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We often get asked about our ‘Question of the Day’ feature. This is something that anyone can subscribe to by signing up for an account (no cost). Once you do, go to your account main page and click on the box near the bottom of that page. You will receive a new question each day (via email) for 14 days.

By the way, the 14 questions are taken from our exam database, so don’t worry, once you purchase access to our site, you have access to all the questions in our database.

If you are having trouble with the ‘Question of the Day’, or any feature of your account, please contact us through our ‘Support’ link at the top of our site or your account page.

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Even More About More Questions….

I was writing some exam questions for a client today (yes we actually create licensing exam questions for clients) and was struggling to come up with more questions for their exam. I thought about the requests we get from users of our site, wanting more (and different questions). Sometimes there just are not anymore, or different questions about a given topic.

Let me give you an example. By now everyone should know that you can only trade in real estate in the name that appears on your license. So lets create some practice exam questions around that

  1. Which of the following statements is correct regarding the name you can use to trade in real estate?

A. In the name that appears on your license

B. You can use your nickname if that is what you usually go by

C. In any name approved by your broke

D. Only in your legal name

The answer is, of course, A. Okay, so let’s create another question.

  1. According to RECA’s Rules regarding trading in real estate, which of the following statements is correct?

A. An associate can only trade in the name that appears on their licence

B. An associate can only trade in the name of the brokerage that appears on the brokerage licence

C. Nicknames may not be used unless the nickname appears on the associate’s licence

D. All statements are correct

Okay, should we try another?

  1. Richard Jones is registered with Corner Realty Ltd. When Richard was growing up his friends and relatives called him Dick. When Richard completed his licence application, he used his legal name, Richard Jones. Which of the following statements is correct, regarding the name Richard may use in real estate?

A. He may use either Richard or Dick

B. He must use Richard because that is his legal name

C. He must use Richard because that is the name that is on his licence

D. He must use Dick because that is what he is known as

Of course the correct answer is C. It has nothing to do with legal or given names.

So, can you suggest another variation of this question? I honestly cannot think of any. I can substitute Mary or Bill for Richard and use these as questions but everyone would soon see them as redundant.

The same applies with the actual real estate practice exams. We would love to have 2,000 questions on each and every practice exam but there really is not 2,000 possible questions to ask. Once you have grasped a concept (e.g. what name can an associate use to trade in real estate) you have learned it. Going back over the same question reinforces that learning.

Once again, the purpose of our site is to help you focus your studies. For example do you need to know the renewal date for licenses in Alberta? Probably not. Can we create some fluff questions just to fill space? Yes but is that what you want?

Our site was never designed to be used to replace good, old-fashioned studying.

We recommend:

  1. Read the text materials thoroughly
  2. Do the exercises in the book – be sure you understand how they came up with the answers
  3. Attend all the classes (if you are not doing distance delivery)
  4. Ask the instructor (or your tutor to explain things you don’t understand)
  5. Use our site as a review (like an electronic flashcard system)
  6. Review
  7. Review
  8. Review
  9. RELAX! If you put this much effort into it, I bet you pass.

I hope that helps. It is difficult to communicate this topic clearly. How about this? If you need to speak to someone about more questions, use the ‘Support’ link at the top of your account page and leave your telephone number we will call you to discuss this further.

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How do I Get More Questions?

That’s a good question as well. When you purchase access to our site, you get 1,000 attempts at the questions in our database. The 1,000 questions is a security cap, designed to prevent unauthorized access, or password sharing. When you reach 1,000 questions you will get a notice. Simply contact us through the ‘support’ link at the top of your account page. We will review the account and if all is well, gladly provide more access (500 at a time to a maximum of 3,000).

3,000 questions is usually more than enough. If not, let us know. You will find us to be very helpful.

All the best —

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Questions Repeat – Can I Get New Questions?

One of the questions we get asked is, “Why do I get repeats when I create a practice exam?” That’s a great question. Let me see if I can explain it.

The first thing to understand is that there are only so many topics or things to know in the course. For example GDSR and TDSR are two concepts in the mortgaging section. What is there to know about calculating GDSR? Well, it’s 32% of the borrower’s gross income may be used for financing their housing. Okay, so if I ask you how much a person who earns $3,000 a month and qualify for their monthly house payment you know it would be $960 ($3000 X 32%). So if we created an exam question and asked how much a $4000 a month would qualify for, you can do that calculation as well. How about $4500 a month? $7223 a month? You see,  once you understand and know how to do it, that’s it. You have learned the concept and information. Do you need 200 more questions to practice this concept?

The same goes for all the topics. We have gleaned the important, need to know information from all the sections of the course, then created 2 or 3 practice questions for each one. We have asked the information a couple of different ways (same question, asked differently).

One way to think about our service is like old school flash-cards you may have used to study when you where in school. Instead of creating your own, paper flash-cards, we have created them for you. How did you used to use these? By repeatedly going through them, over and over. That’s the best way to use our system.

So, it’s not about more questions. The secret to success in the course is:

  1. Read the text materials
  2. Attend class (if enrolled in one of the licensing schools)
  3. Complete the exercises in your course materials
  4. Use our practice exams to check your understanding
  5. Review
  6. Review
  7. Review

Good luck on your exam —

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Hello world!

Welcome to AgentExams. We are here to help you launch your real estate career. From passing the exam through to delivering the keys on your first sale.

Come back often!

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A Place to Talk About Your Course

One of the best way to learn something is to discuss it with others. We have just launched a new forum for you to do that. Go to this link to check out the AgentExams forum.

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